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Intellivite | Branding | Columbus, OH

Blue Horizon Resort | Rebrand | Turks + Caicos Islands, Middle Caicos

Blue Horizon Resort was in desperate need of a brand overhaul. They are a clean, immaculate and very calm resort located on the Middle Caicos islands. Here you won't find anything but pure relaxation, nature, beautiful waters and gracious hosts. This is not a resort that is close to clubs or many bars but a place for you to enjoy your thoughts and the conversations of other people and island culture.

Clean and simple along with their signature turquoise that lines all the roofs on the resort were key elements they were looking for without it becoming "too beachy".

The fonts used imply beach aspects without being so literal, which the client loved, along with a nice red-orange to be its compliment color to show the warmth and welcoming reception of the host/resort to its clientele.

Eli Pierce | Branding | Columbus, OH

Eli Pierce is an elite menswear clothing start-up company here in Columbus, OH starting with mens' custom dress shirts made of the finest cottons and hand-stitched techniques.

Shirts retail at $149.00 and the client wanted an upscale, clean look to his brand…something that looked more high-end to reflect his product yet still a down-to-earth feel to relate to the consumer.

Intricacies were used in line work and decorative accents to give the high-end feel while the fonts chosen were used to help keep the design open, give great legibility and versatility in being able to use just the fonts as a stand alone logo if need be.

39 BeLow FroYo | Branding | Columbus, OH

Carolyn Maloney, owner of 39 BeLow, wanted something edgy, yet contemporary, urban and modern. "39" was the main focus due to her wanting her customers to remember their address better, 39 E. Gay Street, here in Columbus.

"Be" and "Low" were separated to read as two separate, yet one, at the same time, highlighting the shops' health benefits.

A nice script was used to top it off along with dot accents to have it gain its modern contemporary look.

Mudjin Bar and Grill | Branding | Turks + Caicos Islands, Middle Caicos

Blue Horizon Resort started their first restaurant construction this past year so guests would have a nearby place to enjoy great cuisine without having to leave the main resort or island.

They wanted their restaurant logo to tie in with the the resort so the same turquoise hue was used, but minimally in order to tie them together but not have them look too similar.

Smoothed driftwood from the water's touch is in abundance and they really wanted to incorporate that to the print logo. The actual live logo will be constructed out of driftwood on the island. Fonts stayed very simple with "bar and grill" in the same font as "Turks and Caicos Islands" from BHR's logo to keep unity.

Looking forward to seeing it live!

Hand-drawn typographic logo concept

Hand-drawn typographic logo concept


These are a few logo design I have completed very recently. Please feel to shoot me any questions you might have about my work.




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